Demystify the brand with the most gold fakes and their characteristics

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Demystify the brand with the most gold fakes and their characteristics

As a valuable jewelry material, gold often becomes the goal of counterfeit and shoddy commodity manufacturers.In the market, some brands have become the most gold fakes because of their popularity and popularity.This article will reveal these brands and their common characteristics.

1. Cartier Cartier

Cartier is one of the well -known luxury brands in the world and one of the highly sought -after brands in the field of gold jewelry.However, because of its high popularity and expensive price, Cartier's products have also become the target of many fakes.Cartier fakes often appear on the market usually have the following characteristics:

-The packaging is exquisite but not in place: The counterfeiters usually imitate the packaging design of Cartier, but there are differences in detail processing.

-Inut material: The real Cartier product is made of high *** gold, while fake goods may be mixed with other alloys or coatings.

-Laker or error: Cartier jewelry usually has the corresponding identification and number. These engraving in the fake may be blurred or there are spelling errors.

2. Tiffany & Co. Tiffany

Tiffany & Co., Tiffany is another luxury jewelry brand that is loved and frequently imitated by consumers.The gold fakes for Tiffany & Co. are mainly manifested in the following aspects:

Demystify the brand with the most gold fakes and their characteristics

-Shanding is too perfect: Many Tiffany & Co. jewelry has hand -made feelings and tiny flaws, and in some cases, it is too perfect to expose the problem.

-Weentian lack of innovation: Tiffany & Co. is famous for its simplicity and classic style, but if you see that it is very different from its traditional style and is extremely low in price, you need to be alert to fakes.

-Packing and certificate issues: When you really purchase Tiffany & Co., you will have exclusive packaging boxes and certificates; if the quality of such accessories or accessories is not provided, it is probably a pseudo -shoddy product.

3. Bulgari Bulgari

Bulgari, as the Italian luxury jewelry clock brand, enjoys a high reputation worldwide.However, not all claiming that they have Bulgari jewelry products can deliver real products truthfully.Pay attention to the following points about Bulgari Gold Fake:

-Lieving price: Bulgari, as a high -end luxury brand, has a high price in the market; if the price is significantly lower than the market price is too much, you need to consider whether to buy the product.

-The manufacturing process: Bulgari jewelry focuses on exquisite craftsmanship and unique design; if it is found that the production of rough and inlaid parts, there are situations such as defects and other situations should be suspected of authenticity.

4.Chopard Chopin

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Among the above -mentioned members of the four Huangfu silt, Kun uses everyone to pay attention to checking the copper pictures and description orders of Zun Rong Shang; watching the right to protect the consumer law and purchase the product from the authorized channels;In the first time, complaints with relevant competent institutions **. As long as we strengthen the analysis and dialectical thinking of the results of the Academy of Social Sciences, we can better confirm that the fruit is implemented.< / p>